Who We Are

Who We Are

so·journ noun ~ A temporary place to stay.

Sojourn provides a full spectrum of care services to assist aging adults and adults with physical, emotional and mental health issues meet the ever changing needs of their families.  Sojourn’s care model allows your loved one to transition into a level of care that matches their unique and specific needs.

Integrated & Transitional Care

The continuum of care that Sojourn provides is customized for every stage of life. It was designed to support needs, preserve meaningfulness and provide hope for clients and their families.  Our programs blend comfort, safety and purposeful programming into our Day Center, in each of our community based Sojourn Suites, and through Sojourn at Home.

With the help of our compassionate care professionals, our goal is to assist elders and adults with special needs so they remain active and integrated in their communities and avoid any feeling of isolation or segregation.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone has a right to maintain a meaningful, active life in the community.

We believe that peace of mind is an important factor in creating a manageable family life. Therefore, we are devoted to providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for everyone.

We believe in the importance of lifelong learning. Our professional staff has been selected for their creativity, enthusiasm, and credentials.

We believe in socializing, making friends, and having fun! Daily activities are designed to promote interaction and provide the opportunity for friendships to develop.

We believe in the integration of generations, and opportunities are provided to foster inter-age friendships.

We believe that we are a team with participants and family/caregivers. We support through close communication, education, and caregiver support groups.

Our Company Culture

We care for our clients like they are our own family and we strive to provide peace of mind for you while your loved ones are in our care. Relationship-based care means we form close bonds with our clients and maximize their lives, abilities and spirits!

We are unique in that we stem from a “mind-body connection” approach as taught by renowned author, speaker and instructor Matt Sanford, founder of Mind Body Solutions. We redefine the fundamental nature of ability verses disability.

It is based on the following beliefs:

  • Disability is best understood, lived with and approached as a mind-body issue.
  • Deepening the connection between mind and body positively transforms the experience of living with a disability in practical and tangible ways.
  • Mind-body awareness is best taught through personal relationships — meaning connecting mind and body is essential for both people living with a disability and their caregivers.
  • The mind-body relationship is reciprocal in nature. The mind teaches the body and the body teaches the mind — this insight is crucial for our approach to benefit someone living with a disability.
  • “People living with disabilities have unique and powerful insights to share about the interaction between minds and bodies.” ~Matt Sanford

Our Beginnings 

Sojourn was founded in 1984 by Sally Hebson, lifetime resident of Excelsior & Public Health Nurse. She had and continues a passionate mission to provide exemplary care with the whole person in mind. This vision brought Sojourn Adult Services to life!

In an effort to meet the changing needs of our clients and better serve the community, Sojourn later expanded to include Home Care services and Sojourn Suites!

Today, Sally continues her vision for Sojourn through constructing new ways to assist diverse family needs and provide services they can depend on.

Sojourn continues to be an exceptional place where adults in our community can stay active, meet new friends and enjoy new and exciting experiences!