Back to the 60’s with Sue and Tom Fink

A picture does not always tell a thousand stories. Follow along as Sue Fink remembers the first red Thunderbird her husband owned and how the memories have stayed alive for almost 50 years…..

1960 Red ThunderbirdTom and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary on February 13, 2017. When we were dating Tom drove a red 1960 Thunderbird convertible with a black top. That was the car we stepped into after our wedding. Tom was driving that car on Hwy 494 in a heavy rainstorm in April of the next year. I was in the passenger seat, holding our month-old infant, Sara. As we approached the bridge over Hwy 62 the car began to hydroplane, sliding across the bridge, flying up and over the side and landing down below on the grass. We all survived the landing but not without injury. Tom had a cut on his forehead, I had a dislocated hip and Sara had a broken leg. That was the end of our first Thunderbird. It didn’t survive the impact. All four tires blew and it was destroyed.

For years we hoped to have another Thunderbird.
Our family grew to six children and we became dairy Sue Fink & husband at Car Show with John Schneiderfarmers. Many busy years later, we do have a red Thunderbird convertible with a black top. We enjoy taking it to car shows, especially the “Back to The Fifties” car show at the MN State Fairgrounds every June.

This year we met John Schneider of “The Dukes of Hazard” fame. He was very kind and asked us to pose for a picture with him.