Collaborative Communities

A key component of wellness is community involvement.  It is widely known that belonging to a community is socially, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally, intellectually, occupationally, and physically beneficial. Those dimensions are essential for living life well.

What isn’t as well known, perhaps, is that some Sojourn participants can have the opportunity to thrive in a special outpatient group treatment program at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.  Their Community Reintegration Program (CRP) is designed to maximize skills and independence for those who may have suffered a brain injury or struggle with independence due to challenged cognition.

Sojourn residents typically attend the program 2-3 days per week, for at least four hours per day. They are encouraged to “establish individual goals while also working in a group setting to receive support, gain independence and improve their pre-vocational skills.”  Some of our Sojourners are even able to receive additional occupational or speech therapies.

Other collaborative communities that help Sojourners shine are Adult Training and Habilitation Center (ATHC) , and the “Back To Work Incentive Connection” program through Goodwill
Easter Seals Minnesota.

We are so proud of our hardworking participants who brave every day, pushing themselves to be the very best they can be, and reaching beyond what’s easy to create their special place in our community, developing new skills, and even gaining employment.

We’d like to extend an enthusiastic THANK YOU to those enhanced service communities! We’re looking forward to developing more relationships as we
celebrate our Sojourn friends in new and creative ways.