Congratulations Martin & Violet!

Martin & Violet (close up)We are so happy and proud to celebrate Martin and Violet’s United States citizenship!

Violet came to the U.S first in 2001 settling in Florida. Shortly after, Martin and their 5 children were able to join her from their home country of Zambia, Africa.

They moved their family to Minnesota in 2010 after a successful job interview with Sally; who not only hired Violet, but Martin as well.

They currently reside in Excelsior with extended family and a grandchild.

Martin and Violet both praise Tom & Sally for helping them work toward their new citizenship. They both speak to how welcome the Sojourn community has made them feel.

Tom and Sally sing their praises as well, as they explain what wonderful hard working people both Martin and Violet are.

When asked what they enjoy most about living in the United States and becoming U. S citizens, both Martin & Violet agree, freedom of speech is a gift that they are finally blessed to have.