Cow Tipping Press

Have you ever thought about how expressive writing correlates with happiness? Jotting down thoughts, ideas, even blogging has become a popular trend in our society. Why? It’s therapeutic. By expressing what is on your mind, how you’re feeling, and voicing your emotions leads to reduced stress levels and other health factors. We are thrilled to introduce the Cow Tipping Press Creative Writing Program to Sojourn.

Cow Tipping Press is an organization founded by Bryan Boyce for adults with adults with physical, emotional and mental health issues to be able to express themselves through forms of writing. They provide a space for their voices to be heard and not censored. Original creative works written by “silent voices” is definitely worth celebrating!  “We value everyone’s thoughts and voice. Nothing is inappropriate or grammatically incorrect. What you read is what was said by that individual,” explains Bryan. Exact wording is what makes this program unique. Why filter how a person thinks or feels?

The class starts by an individual reading a poem to prompt the writing exercise. They encourage everyone to write what comes to mind and emphasize a supportive and inclusive atmosphere which leads to self-advocacy. Writers are then asked to share their poems with the group. “My favorite part is when an individual says, “I don’t know what to write,” or “Mine isn’t good enough,” and then you listen to the work they created and it relates to a past memory they may have forgotten due to memory loss. But pieces come out through their writing. Now that is powerful.” States Danny (instructor). The overall goal is to presume competence that people often filter.

The benefits of creative writing are not only to enhance brain activity, but to connect one’s feelings and voices. It provides an opportunity to learn and explore new topics, and challenges an individual to use their brain in a creative way.

Thank you, Cow Tipping Press for providing a supportive, inclusive and empowering program to share with our community!