Drama on the Old Tuner

A group of people have started to gather Friday afternoons to put together a radio program! Brought together by George, our wonderful audio artists have started to read scripts, adding fun sound effects, and have created fantastic stories using radio program scripts from the 40s and 50s. They’re even including the original broadcast call signs and commercials!

“The idea to create this group occurred to me because of the fact that we have so many wonderfully, artistic people at Sojourn, and this is a great way for them to use those creative juices in a different way,” George said about the creation of the program. “This is a great complement to the wonderful and successful music and art programming already underway.”

“Fibber McGee is funny,” a Sojourner remarked after participating recently. Another participant said reading the radio program was fun, and liked hearing the commercial for Johnson’s Wax, which was read during the program. Smiles and laughter abound during the script readings.

“My goal for the group is to focus on one radio script over the next few weeks, polishing it up so that we can record it, along with all the sound effects,” said George about the future for the group. “Making a recording of it would then let us be able to easily share online with our friends and family!”