Fishing with Sojourn

Bill with fishOn Friday’s throughout the summer months, Sojourn hosts our popular “Fishing Friday’s”. Everyone is welcome to gather for a morning of fresh air, sunshine, and friendship as we take to the lake in order to search for our next big catch.

Something we don’t always think about while enjoying ourselves seaside are the health benefits to this wonderful sport and pastime. For instance, it doesn’t have to be sunny while you angle, simply being outside will help your body increase its Vitamin D reserves. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, keeping our bones and teeth healthy, and has also been linked to helping battle depression.

Another positive benefit of fishing is the fact that it can relieve stress. Being in a serine environment away from crowds gives us time to relax. Whether alone or with a small group of Sojourners, it makes it easy to unwind and enjoy the slow pace that fishing offers. Even charities are now supporting the power of fishing to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.Fishing Friday - Dwayne with fish
It may seem like a lot of sitting around but a good fishing session can be very good exercise, toning your arms, and burning roughly 250 calories if you’re just sitting! Not bad for a sport you can unwind with.

While there is no specific scientific formula for what makes a good bonding activity, Sojourn believes the comradery while fishing in a group is priceless. Whether you’re the one that pulls a large fish in or the person sitting next to you does, the enjoyment is shared by everyone involved.

Finally, fishing truly gives us a challenge and perspective. Like any sport, angling helps fill that basic human desire for purpose. Fishing, like many other outdoor activities puts us at one with nature. We often feel we belong and have purpose. In all, the activity of fishing takes us back to humanity – giving us a sense of place in the world. No wonder Sojourners enjoy our “Fishing Fridays” so much… wouldn’t you?

Sojourn would also like to thank Let’s Go Fishing’s Eden Prairie chapter ( Let’s Go Fishing is a non-profit organization that began in Minnesota in 2002 and serves more than 100,000 Seniors, Veterans, and the Disabled. Their motto: “Bringing Natures Healing and Well-being to Seniors, Veterans, and the Disabled” speaks volumes about what they offer us and their other clients.