Games at Sojourn

Some call it recreational therapy, George just calls it playing games.

Games are a fun and constant activity at Sojourn. Almost every morning and afternoon you will see a couple of people playing pool, or a game of cards. Thursday morning, George will always try to get a group to play a game of Yahtzee or Skipbo.

George love games. He not only plays them at Sojourn, but the time he spends with his family and friends is trying to get a game going. He believes it’s a much better quality of time spent with people than other common activities, like watching TV. It’s the chance to make real connections with friends and staff at Sojourn. When playing a game, one gets to visit, make jokes, and interact with the other people at the table. It also challenges one in their creativity and problem solving skills. Then after a game, there’s a time to sit and reflect on the game. Trying to figure out what went well, and what went right.

Clients of all abilities are welcome to play games with George. He is always modifying games and rules so all can have success being part of the game. Whether they win or lose clients at Sojourn can always be assured they will have a good time playing games at Sojourn.