Health & Wellness: Anti-Boredom Month

Sometimes, summer days can seem long, hot and boring. But it’s summertime in snowy Minnesota, and we should enjoy every minute of this short season! In honor of Anti-Boredom Month, we’re sharing what we do at Sojourn to defy boredom and help our hearts sing with gratitude!

One of the best ways to stave off boredom is to be creative. When it’s too hot to move, settle in a shady spot or air-conditioned room to give your brain a chance to “chill” and stretch its muscles. At Sojourn, we love crafting! Amidst our many projects, this time of year we are creating art bags for the school year and even submitting crafts to the county fair.

Is there a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try? Maybe writing poetry, painting, drawing, or even learning a new language? Now’s the time, and you’ll kiss boredom goodbye! These activities can be especially fun with a friend! Sojourners love to draw, paint, and craft in groups. We also like to sing, cook, and play games together! Find a friend of family member to collaborate with on a painting. Go ahead, get messy! Read a new book aloud to each other, or play a new game.

When the weather is irresistible, find an activity and head outside! Sojourners enjoy time outdoors walking, fishing, and working in the community gardens. Consider an early morning or late afternoon walk, alone or with a friend, to appreciate the summer season Minnesota offers. Maybe that walk includes a destination to a local farmers market or your favorite coffee or ice cream shop. Don’t forget there is also still time to garden! If a full garden plot sounds too intimidating, pots on a porch or windowsills bring just as much joy.

No matter how you spend the rest of your summer, don’t be bored! Find activities that make your days great!