Health & Wellness: Caring for Our Veterans

This year, we honored our veterans on Monday, November 12 in respect for their service and sacrifices. From World War II vets to Desert Storm and more recent vets, there are an estimated 20 million veterans currently living in the United States.

At Sojourn, we celebrate our veterans and make sure they are getting the care they need. Every Monday, we have a Veterans Lunch in their honor, and we often recognize them during musical events.

On November 9th, we had a special program for Veterans Day. Pictures, flags, and stories abounded as Sojourners volunteered to speak about their service. Sharing these stories can benefit their mental health as well as connect them to each other!


How should we care for our veterans’ mental and physical health? The Veterans Affairs website is full of advice and resources for veterans and those who care for them. Everyone should follow these recommendations! They have eight areas of well-being:

  1. Stay Active
  2. Stay Safe
  3. Find Balance
  4. Eat Healthy
  5. Sleep Well
  6. Maintain Relationships
  7. Nurture Your Spirit
  8. Lower Stress

Veterans at Sojourn have many resources to bolster their health. They feed their minds and hearts with the activities, games and crafts, as well as friendships and conversation that come out of working together. Our veterans also take part in our regular exercise program, which includes trips to Anytime Fitness. Mind, body, and spirit are all part of wellbeing at Sojourn!
If you would like more information on care for veterans, including PTSD treatment and disability assistance, visit the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA). If you would like to help our Minnesotan veterans, click here to see the MDVA’s list of many nonprofits serving veterans in need.

We thank all of our Sojourn veterans for their service. You help us make great days!