Health & Wellness: Community Celebration

At Sojourn, we believe in holistic, integrated care for our clients—physically, mentally, and spiritually. For example, we go to the gym and to the Loft to stretch our bodies and our minds. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of health is the importance of community. Sojourn is a family of clients and staff. The warmth, kindness, and friendship that people extend are the main ingredients in how Sojourn makes great days.

Several psychological studies have examined the importance of community in a person’s health. lists “connecting with others” and “helping others” as ways to build and support good mental health. The Surgeon General has an entire document designed to help communities grow and support each other.

Why is community so important for every individual? There are many scientific theories, but at Sojourn, we know that humans are social beings, no matter how reserved they seem. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard, appreciated, and feel connected to those around them. That’s why we work hard to foster community bonds for both clients and staff.

A great example of embracing community this month was Sojourn’s Octoberfest! On the first Saturday, we celebrated Octoberfest, Sojourn-style. There was beanbag tossing and polka dancing for all! The best part, however, was the community spirit of the event. Bruce, our former driver, came to join in the festivities. Sharon, our Loft activities leader, surprised all of us by showing up with her accordion! We were delighted to see them both and see how Sojourn’s community spirit touches everyone connected to it.

Laughing, dancing, and singing—these are all great ways for communities to come together and also have a grand time! We would like to thank all of our staff, clients, and their families for being a part of Sojourn and our mission to make great days.



History of the Oktoberfest