Health & Wellness: Exercising in Winter

It’s official—the lakes are frozen, snow is continually in the forecast—it is full-on winter! Minnesotans often want to hibernate until spring, drinking hot beverages and wearing fuzzy socks. Comfort is definitely a must to survive winter, but just because we are cooped up indoors doesn’t mean we should stop being active!

Of course, exercise is important for bodily health, helping with flexibility, stability, and muscle retention. It also helps lower risks or manage problems like heart disease and diabetes. However, exercise also benefits mental health. Getting the blood moving boosts endorphins and can help ease or prevent depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Looking at the snow outside? Perhaps you or a loved one is aged or unsteady when moving. There are many factors than can prevent people from exercising outdoors. We are tough nuts at Sojourn, but we know when it’s safer to stay inside! Freezing temps, blowing snow, and dangerous sidewalks can cause trouble. Instead, Sojourners take trips to indoor facilities to engage their bodies and minds.


What are some of the best ways to exercise indoors? Bowling is a year-round favorite activity to stretch the legs, and Sojourners who really want a stretch participate in yoga. They also have the opportunity to exercise at Anytime Fitness each week to swim, lift weights, walk laps, and play games like kickball. Field trips to other locations encourage fresh mental and physical stimulation.


For those who would rather stay at home or the Day Center, there are activities to please every attendee. Pool games, music and dancing, and cooking classes get everyone moving. Even an intense round of bingo can have people dancing in their seats!

Winter is long, and exercise is a must. We hope you keep your bodies moving all season long. Happy Holidays!