Healthy Life Styles

Healthy life styles are hard for any person to begin without the right set of tools and support. Each month we try to focus on new goals to give everyone the opportunity to have a healthy life.

534854Our focus this month was getting all the Sojourn Suites and Day Center participants set up with the opportunity to go to the local Anytime Fitness. This was possible through clients’ supplemental Medicare health insurance such as, Medica or Ucare. These supplemental health insurance companies provide a service called Silver Sneakers or Silver and Fit.

Both of these services allow our clients to receive an access card to the Anytime Fitness gym nearest to their home. It also gives them other support options. This includes having their own health program advisor, to help guide them with their exercise, ask questions about health, and advise them on their diet. They can also provide people with the option of going outside the local Anytime Fitness and signing up for other programs such as yoga, or programs at local community centers.

These services not only allow our clients the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle they also give our clients the opportunity to be out in the community. This allows our clients the opportunity to socialize with other people.

This month’s goal has been successful. We have signed all eligible clients up for the Silver and Fit or Silver Sneakers programs giving them independent access to the local Anytime Fitness. In addition, each of our Sojourn Suites homes also have access to the local Anytime Fitness, thanks to Tim Bowers who has been supportive of our efforts, turning none of our clients away, so they can lead healthy lifestyles at home and in the community.