How Competition Makes Us Stronger

Sojourn Art Glazing - DarleneEvery year in August Sojourn gathers up the art we have all been working on through the year. Each client chooses their favorite creations they put their heart and soul into in order to have it entered in the Carver County Fair. From quilting and ceramics to painting, drawing and wreath making, each artist finds their passion and looks forward to competing with their peers for a shot at earning a ribbon and placing in this wonderful competition.

Much like the driven 2016 Olympic athletes in Rio, we work hard for months perfecting our skills and mentally preparing for greatness. You never know what you will find at this much anticipated annual exhibit. This year, as in years past, Sojourner’s entered over 50 pieces for the judges to critique! One may ask, “What goes into the making of a masterpiece worthy of a first place blue ribbon?” Of course talent has some recognition, but Sojourn, as with others who make their mark on the world, would agree it’s something more.

Resilience makes us all winners. There will be disappointment and sometimes setbacks, but we still persevere. Even after a loss in years past, we come back ready to start fresh with a new positive attitude.

Sportsmanship reminds us to be supportive of each other
and after defeat to be gracious toward our fellow Sojourn Art Quilting - Wendiartists.

Teamwork keeps us working together in order to improve. Some of us may compete against each other, but we still work together as a group to bring home the Gold.

Passion is what drives us through the year as we work on our projects. Those of us who look forward to competing love what we do regardless of whether we are given a prize. It’s the excitement
that fills the air at the loft when we all look over each other’s works of art.

Expressed Joy with every accomplishment brings us together supporting one another regardless of who brings home a prize. Our smiling faces are infectious when we have completed another year side by side and wonder out loud, “What will we come up with next summer?”