It Takes A Team :: Community Spotlight

Did you know 1 in 5 Americans experience a mental health condition in their lifetime? Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to share the importance of finding care that is right for your loved ones. Sojourn’s unique integrated care model works as your essential needs increase, with the ability to transition clients through multi – levels of care. We also work with the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, who has been instrumental in giving patients hope for a better tomorrow and beyond.

Currents (left to right): Cameron, John, & Cody (not pictured)

Sojourn participants have thrived in special outpatient group treatment programs at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. Their Community Reintegration Programs (CRP) provide exceptional care with a multidisciplinary approach for not only mental health needs, but also cognitive remediation therapy as well. Enhancing a client’s neurocognitive abilities such as attention, memory and communication along with managing symptoms related to mental health are just a couple of the programs Kenny Rehabilitation offers. Individuals can set unique goals and work towards them in either one-on-one or small group settings. Activities and community involvement is carried through at Sojourn to extend the learning beyond the CRP programs.

Congratulations to our CRP Graduates (left to right): DeAnn, Adam & Cody!

Understanding mental health can be challenging. It is important to be able to identify signs of mental health issues. Mental disorders affect everyone. Not only does it take a team, but also an entire community to come together to teach understanding of mental illness. Together we can make a difference. At Sojourn, we provide care for all ages and at all levels. With empowering outreach programs such as CRP, we can help treat and manage mental health disorders based upon a person’s needs. We are so proud of our Sojourners for taking the step to better themselves each day. Thank you, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute for all you do in our community!

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