Life’s Vitality

159565-849x565r1-Elderly-womenAs we begin this leap into spring we have taken the initiative to look into how to obtain better health. We began with a conversation about what it means to have better health. With that conversation we can then examine our current health habits to determine personal roadblocks.

Our first step is to analyze our current road blocks. A common road block for all is trying to keep ourselves busy and active. Keeping ourselves active year round is the most important thing. By continuing to keep ourselves busy we not only hang onto the habit of being active, but we also give ourselves purpose, and allow time to fly by. This give us a chance to figure out a way to cope and problem solve through the road blocks we face.

Another way to start the spring off into better is health is by making personal, obtainable goals. Cleaning out the old and bringing in the new can refresh our personal drive. Starting with small goals that may seem menial is always the best way to go. Having a positive couple on bikesoutcome for that small goal will influence you to succeed on the next, maybe slightly bigger, goal. Making and achieving goals is like climbing a ladder. You cannot leap to the top; you have to take it one step at a time.

Doing a little spring cleaning with ourselves can really allow us to reevaluate our health and our personal importance. Creating new goals with a higher success rate can allow us to get out of that winter slump.