Our St. Thomas Academy Boys

As is now tradition at Sojourn, we welcomed students, three boys, from St. Thomas Academy to serve at the Day Center. From May 21st to June 1st, the cadets interacted with Sojourners in their everyday activities. The array of games was endless: pool, cards, charades, and bingo all made the list of favorites. There was exercise, too, with gym time at Anytime Fitness, walks in the surrounding neighborhood, and a sunny fishing trip. Arts and crafts allowed them to stretch creative muscles, and the boys learned a lot about “old music” from Sojourners and their favorite songs!

We wanted you to meet them, so here are some brief notes about our student ambassadors—Nick, Nate, and Peyton.

Nick (wearing gray), a Lakeville resident, has enjoyed getting to know people at Sojourn, and meeting new people has given him new perspectives and diversified his thinking. He’ll be working hard this summer, landscaping 52 hours a week! He plans to study mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota this fall.

Nate (in yellow) hails from across the water in Hudson, Wisconsin. Like Nick, Nate enjoyed the new people he met and experiences he had at Sojourn. He even had paint behind his ear from an enthusiastic painting session! He is eager to start his summer adventure—a research program in Costa Rica through St. Thomas Academy. After that, he will head to Michigan Tech for biological engineering.

Peyton (wearing black) will head far from his Eagan home for a “grand tour” adventure this summer, a graduation trip across Europe! Come fall, he will study electrical engineering at Purdue. As for his favorite part of serving at the Day Center, he lives by the motto: “Every day is a highlight reel.” Sojourn was definitely a highlight reel! The new experiences each day were fulfilling and enlightening.

We’d like to thank Nick, Nate, Peyton, and St. Thomas Academy for their service at Sojourn. We enjoyed your help and company. Congratulations on graduating, and good luck in your engineering studies!