Sojourn Spotlight: Jessica Barnheiser

Originally from Wisconsin, Minnetonka resident Jessica Barnheiser has worked at Sojourn for 7 years. 15 years ago, she worked there for 6 months after hearing about Sojourn through her aunt, who worked at Presbyterian homes. When she became pregnant, she decided to stay home full-time to raise her family. When her boys were older, she returned to Sojourn and hasn’t left since!

Jessica has not always been an RN. In fact, she graduated in December 2017 and passed her NCLEX test on August 22 of this year. She is still floating on the joy of reaching her dream! In the medical field, she does what she values most—being there for people during difficult times and doing what she can to make it better.

Jessica’s path to nursing came from a variety of inspirations. She describes herself as a natural caregiver, and it’s something she enjoys doing. Her grandmother was an RN. Sojourn itself was a large motivator. Sally was very inspirational, and the women bonded over their alma mater, St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul. Both Sally and Tom were great examples of what caregivers could be, and Jessica wanted to take her own skills to the next level.

When Jessica decided to enter into nursing school to further her caregiving education, everyone at Sojourn cheered her on. People asked for updates, offered to cover shifts, and helped out wherever possible. “Everyone [at Sojourn] was so genuinely excited for me and encouraged me,” said Jessica. “The constant support and encouragement was amazing.”

When she isn’t nursing full-time or working weekends at Sojourn, she enjoys exercising and spending time with her sons—especially watching them play sports!

We are so proud of you, Jessica! Thank you for all of your wonderful work the past 7 years, and thank you for staying on with us!