Sojourn Spotlight: Melissa M.

We are thrilled to welcome Melissa to the Sojourn team as our Human Resources & Administration Associate! She arrived in September, and she’s been busy learning the ropes ever since. Sojourn has nearly 60 employees, and she works with all of them!

After receiving her bachelor’s in Administrative Management and Information Technology, Melissa worked in Seattle in the staffing industry. When she decided to move back to Minnesota, she had to look for new work, too. Her sister, Geraldine, worked for Sojourn for over a decade, and she recommended that Melissa look at Sojourn. It just so happened that Sally and Tom were looking for someone with Melissa’s skills! Both sides feel fortunate to have found each other.

Melissa is thrilled because working at Sojourn aligns so well with her personal passions—family and education. “Sojourn genuinely cares about their clients and staff,” she says. Everyone is well-equipped, knowledgeable, and willing to help each other and their clients. “Sally and Tom…work every day to bring their vision to life.”

Melissa also enjoys working with her colleagues and spending time with Sojourners every day. The smiles, laughter, and positivity make the work fly by. She is already in tune with Sojourn’s goal: “to make sure clients are treated with respect and have great days.” Well put, Melissa!

Melissa doesn’t have much free time, as she is also studying for her master’s in Human Resource Management. When she does find time, she makes sure to spend it with her two teenage daughters. They love quality “girl time.” That might mean weekend trips to a new place. It also means shopping, cooking exotic dishes, or simply going out and petting every dog they find!

Welcome to Sojourn, Melissa! We can’t wait to grow with you and to help make every day a great day!