Sojourn Spotlight – Ann Brosious

As we welcome 2018, we hope the joy of present moments will be our focus. A woman of true wisdom, Ann Brosious shared with us how she lives with such joy as she celebrates her 96th birthday. Growing up, Ann was always the artistic type. She attended St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota where she earned a degree in art. A talented artist, Ann also had an entrepreneurial spirit.

One day at Dayton’s in downtown Minneapolis, four ladies asked Ann where she had bought her beautiful hat, which she had designed and sewn herself. Ann decided she would start her own business. From then on, the Jam-In-Your-Pocket hat was a hit, an all-purpose hat perfect for rain or shine! Her business was even advertised in the New York Times. Ann never dreamed she would find joy in the hat business, but she did. However, when her first husband passed away, Ann put her business on hold and searched for joy elsewhere. When asked what her dream job was, she simply replied, “To be a mother and wife. I love children!”

Ann remarried and moved to Mexico, where she lived with her family for the next 26 years. 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren later, Ann has been blessed with many memories and joyous times with her family. Enjoying the warmth, the ocean and especially the people, Ann again found joy while living in Mexico. Ann now finds joy in her artistic talent. Painting portraits has always been her forte, and she continues to paint in her free time, along with knitting and needlepoint. In addition, she enjoys donating her creations to her church and Goodwill. She continues to stay busy at Presbyterian Homes, while utilizing Sojourn at Home services allowing her to continue her shopping needs, bringing in groceries, and more.

Life can become a whirlwind of distractions. Ann advised us with these wise words, “Listen to your inner spirit, follow your heart, and be true to yourself.”