Sojourn Spotlight: Fair Artists

This month, Sojourners submitted their finest art pieces to the Carver County Fair. They did so well that the walls at Sojourn are covered with art and award ribbons! Here are some of the talented artists with their work.


Marilyn showed off her beautiful bag, which was sewn from many different squares of fabric to make a prizewinning work of art. She says she accomplished it with “help from a friend!”





Carol’s detailed flower drawing bloomed from a simple doodle! Carol didn’t know what it would become when she started, but the image took shape as she sketched. “It’s easy to draw,” she says with a smile.




Karen’s needlepoint towels are both adorable and perfectly stitched. She loves doing chickens the most, and they are definitely prize-worthy poultry! For those of us who are less crafty, she explained the process of stamping the pattern onto the cloth before stitching.







Shyrrll likes to work with mixed media. Her collage and decorated book (shown) are masterpieces made of paper, fabric, and lace. She always enjoyed crafts growing up, but admits she was never into knitting or crocheting!






Geri also likes to work with different mediums, especially ones related to clothing, like textiles, buttons, and yarn. She was in 4H as a child and loves submitting her creations to the fair! She used to submit baked goods, but she now focuses on art.





Eva had several different kinds of collages at the fair. She started working with paper and recently moved to making pieces with glass and tile. She is loving the new materials!






Vicki took a simple Sojourn print out and made it beautiful with perfect marker technique. To take it to the next level she also decorated the frame, creating a prize-winning, fully finished masterpiece.





Pat’s delicate watercolors are full of life. Those stunning petals are certainly worthy of their champion title! She enjoys painting and putting the world around her in the colors.




Congratulations to all of our Sojourn artists on their successes at the fair! We love seeing you enjoy your craft, and we are glad others could enjoy and admire your work.