Sojourn Spotlight: Olivia

Olivia has served as Program Coordinator at Sojourn for 6 ½ years. The time has really flown! She has an infectious smile that brings sunlight into every room at the Day Center.

Program Coordinators work together to plan activities for Sojourners, but they also have their specialties and favorites. Olivia runs the Sojourn Yahtzee club, oversees poker (where there is a lot of jokes and laughter), and joins Sojourners at the bowling alley to throw a few shots. Her most important job, however, is the role of bingo caller. “It’s very serious,” she says with a giggle. They play a tough game of bingo!

Olivia has worked in the health care industry since she was 15 years old, and she views Sojourn as a unique and exceptional place. “It’s the best place, the best atmosphere,” she says. “Everyone just cares so much.” That care includes compassion to clients and kindness among staff members. Olivia loves the team she works with, and she learns more from them each day. Together, they work to make great days for every client.
Olivia is most passionate about one-on-one time with people and making sure they feel loved and included. She enjoys sitting down and really getting to know them. Every time she walks into Sojourn, her goal is to make everyone in that room smile and laugh at least once. During activities, she takes extra care to bring those hanging back into the fun.

When she’s not creating smiles and laughter at Sojourn, Olivia is fully occupied with 3 active children who have rehearsals, practices, and events to get to! When she has a chance to kick her feet up, a good book is her go-to for relaxing—though she also enjoys the occasional date night!

We are grateful to have you on our team, Olivia! Your bright and warm enthusiasm makes everyone feel at home.