Sojourn Spotlight – Pat Duerner

pat-duernerPatricia Essie Duerner started to explore art shortly after she was born on Feb. 28th 1927 in Fargo, ND. Pat’s mother, a lifelong artist, was an inspiration to her. “I learned from my mother.” she recalls, “From the time I was a little kid I would paint. I fell into it quite naturally.” Pat dabbled in all sorts of painting as she grew up in Detroit Lakes. She finally settled on watercolors for some reason. “I painted a lot with oils but discovered I really enjoy watercolors.” When reflecting on her favorite subjects to paint, Pat shares, “My mother loved to paint scenery, but my favorite has got to be flowers.”

After graduating from High School, Pat went on to the University of MN and earned her B.S. in Home Economics Education. She enjoyed a teaching career and married her college sweetheart, Richard. He was a Naval Aviator and they started a family with two beautiful daughters, LeAnn and Cara while he was stationed in Florida. Eventually, they moved back to Detroit Lakes where Richard resumed his career as an architect and Pat taught Home Economics. “We had a long and happy marriage.” she remembers, “He passed away not that long ago and I miss him every day.” “Painting is good for me!” “she continues. “I like painting here with new friends. I’m enjoying it very much.”

Pat says she’s both honored and humbled by her “Seasons of Pat Duerner” exhibit at Sojourn. What’s her next project? “Painting my family’s Christmas card!”

Click on any thumbnail to view Pat’s Paintings below!