Sojourn Spotlight: Robyn Tamme

Robyn appears to be a classic Minnesotan. She loves to fish, revels in fresh snow, and fully embraces a genuine “Minnesota Nice” mentality. However, Robyn moved to Minnesota from Florida just three short years ago!

In April 2015, Robyn was looking for something different. She’d lived in Florida her whole life, waiting tables for 10 years. She decided to move to distant Minnesota, where her best friend lived. That friend worked with her mother at a little care center called Sojourn Adult Day Services—and they were hiring! Once her plane landed, Robyn went straight to Sojourn for her interview and hasn’t looked back since.

From the Day Center to home care to suites, Robyn has worked the full range of Sojourn services. She loves the diversity of ages and abilities at Sojourn, and she can’t speak enough about how much she loves her job! She loves “being a friend to our clients,” and “making them have great days,” and continuing the celebration of daily life that is true to the heart of Sojourn care.

Bringing joy into daily life for housemates is very important to her. Once, someone’s family member lost a cat; when it was found, the Sojourners had cake to celebrate! She loves being there for her people in every moment, from big events to simply painting nails and chatting. “I have a lot of love for my people,” she says. “They are my family.”

When she isn’t with her Sojourn family, Robyn loves to fish. (“10,000 lakes? Yes ma’am!”) Thanks to Minnesota winters, she has discovered the joys of ice fishing and loves it! Her fiancé of 3 years is a Minnesota native who enjoys fishing with her and showing her around the state. “People are so lovely here!” Robyn says.

We think you are lovely too, Robyn! Thank you for your care and service at Sojourn!