Sojourn Spotlight – Sally Hebson

Thirty-three years of love, passion and great days! Sally Hebson, owner and founder of Sojourn is honored to be celebrating many memories, learning experiences and strides of growth made over the years. From being a Registered Nurse, keeping all facilities up and running, and making a difference in people’s lives, Sally has always had a heart of gold when it comes to helping others.

On August 15, 1984 Sojourn’s Adult Day Center opened their doors. In an effort to meet the changing needs of clients and better serve the community, Sojourn later expanded to include Home Care services and Sojourn Suites. Sojourn is proud to provide a full spectrum of care services to assist aging adults and adults with physical, emotional and mental health challenges. This care model allows loved ones to transition into a level of care that matches their unique and specific needs.

One of Sally’s most fond memories of Sojourn is thinking back to the first day the doors opened. Maude Johnson came to Sojourn for a half a day. It was very hot and there was no air conditioning. “It has been up hill since then,” shares Sally. Over the years there have been obstacles and difficult times, but in the end, one small positive thought can result in a great day.

“We care for our clients like they are our own family and we strive to provide peace of mind for you while your loved ones are in our care,” explains Sally. “Our business model is relationship-based, meaning we form close bonds with our clients and maximize their lives, abilities and spirits!” Every day is a new day with many ups and downs but in the end a great day! The past thirty-three years have been a whirl wind of an adventure. Here’s to many more years!