Sojourn Spotlight – Suzy Anderson

Throughout the month, we will be honoring and highlighting each of our veterans, those who have gone before us and those who are with us today. With respect, honor and gratitude—thank you, veterans. We also want to take the time to honor those who help our veterans get to where they are today.

Suzy Anderson, Nurse Manager at the Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Minneapolis, wears many hats to help veterans within the community. Along with being involved at the VA, Suzy runs the Adult Day Health Care Program (ADHC) which provides recreation therapy, occupational therapy, health education and treatment, as well as socializing within the community. Suzy is also a Program Manager for all 63 veteran programs in the state of Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Suzy shares, “Sally [Hebson] has been such a great and caring advocate for veterans joining Sojourn. They have a great program and I am confident in sending veterans.” The positive reviews and progress individuals make over 6 months shows that health care programs make a difference in the lives of Veteran’s and their families.

For 30 years, Suzy has embraced her passion for helping others. When working at the VA for her clinicals, she was inspired by the comradery and team spirit. Suzy started as an RN in the medical surgical ward, then moved to the intensive care unit, and is now a nurse manager where she loves staying in touch with her patients and seeing their progress. “In-patients come and go and you wish them the best, but I love hearing updates on the veterans and staying in touch. I even hear from spouses from time to time!” explained Suzy.

Along with staying in touch with veterans state-wide, Suzy is passionate about being a part of the teaching hospital at the VA. Having a collaborative approach is what keeps them always learning and teaching new tactics. “It is so inspiring to watch students come in as medical students then becoming full-time doctors.” Says Suzy.

“We have made great strides in building awareness throughout the communities over the years, especially in the last two, but the need is still growing,” states Suzy. In honor of all who have served and are currently serving, thank you. Let us come together as a community to continue to support and honor our veterans.

Thank you for all you do, Suzy!