Bruce Royce

Bruce Royce

Specialty: Driver

Prior Experience: Cost Guard Licensed & Tall Ship Sea Captain, Boat Builder & was also in the Air Force

Taking You Places

I’ve worked at Sojourn for a year now and it is such a rewarding experience! Everyone is very interesting & experienced! I learn something new from them everyday.

I’m Day Services driver, but I also do other things around Sojourn to help out so you could say I’m a “Jack of All Trades” here! My favorite experience here (for now, that is) – was Valentine’s Day when I received a homemade Valentine’s Day card from a sweet elderly lady!

A little more…


Carpentry, writing, farming & pickling!

Favorite Food

Alphabetically… Starting with ALL!

Favorite Color & Why

Green, Grey, & the many shades of brown – the color that nature provides