George Linkert

George Linkert

Speciality: Games & Programs

Prior Experience: Rabble Rousing Community Advocate

All Fun & Games

I’ve worked at Sojourn for 3 years as the Program Coordinator & Game Keeper!

My responsibilities include creating fun & active programs. I enjoy spreading the love & joy our clients & staff bring to the center of every day!

Of all the time working at Sojourn, one of my favorite moments was one beautiful day outside – I invited a large number of clients to sit in a circle and we made up a game on the spot! It involved mental and physical challenges. There was lots of laughter and joy that morning, and many looked forward to playing again!

A little more…


Biking, games, playing the trombone & guitar, family and camping!

Favorite Food

Grilled pork chops & potatoes

Favorite Color & Why

Baby Blue! It’s the color of my wife’s eyes & my first car.