Kari Johnson

Kari Johnson

Specialty: Program Director

Prior Experience: Musician & Music Teacher

Oh My Stars!

For the past 17 years, I’ve been working at Sojourn as the Program Director!

Although I am the Program Director, I’m an integral part of EVERY section of Sojourn! I am blessed to make my living loving and serving people! How awesome is that?!

My main responsibilities are “specialty programs”, HR, License Compliance, Training, Mental Health Practitioner & all around PERKY SUNSHINE!

My favorite thing (other than everything) about working at Sojourn is rekindling that spark of excitement between a client and a lost passion… whether it be a musical instrument, a relationship, art or any other talent or interest! That’s magical!

A little more…


Teaching Music, Worship Director for Bethel Fellowship Church in Chanhassen

Favorite Food

Anything my mother makes!

Favorite Color & Why

Every day reflects a new and brilliant color!