Lori Schaust

Lori Schaust

Specialty: R.N.

Prior Experience: Worked for the Red Cross for 26 years!

About Me

I’m new (well sort of) at Sojourn! I began working here in July, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love the clients who live in Sojourn homes and come to the Adult Day Center! I love the population of people and so enjoy getting to know them and their families.

I support Sojourn’s nursing needs. My day-to-day tasks include: monitoring clients’ health and care needs including medications, MD appointments, developing and monitoring client care plans as well as assessing and performing intakes for prospective new clients. I also assist with the monitoring staff.

My most rewarding experience (so far) was accompanying a prospective new client to physical therapy to learn about his therapy needs to ensure the best possible continuity and level of care once admitted to Sojourn. All I did was sit and observe (and cheer him on a little) but at the end of the therapy session, when I said “good-bye” to him, he kissed my hand. That kind of response inspires me to work hard every day to ensure the best quality of care not only for him but for every client…and that is exactly why I work for Sojourn!

A little more…


Golf, walking & biking, spending time with family and friends and WARM winter vacations!

Favorite Food

Grumpy’s Pizza

Favorite Color & Why

Purple, because of the poem, “When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple…” by Jenny Joseph