Maryalice Redwing

Maryalice Redwing

Speciality: Footcare

Previous Experience: Support Group Assistant

About me

I’ve worked at Sojourn for 23 years, and love every minute of it!

I’m an L.P.N. specializing in foot care, pedicures, manicures, monthly nursing assessments & assist care givers in support groups!

My favorite part of working at Sojourn is assisting the support groups! I get the opportunity to work with clients on a one-to-one basis. Not only do I offer support, but I also offer hygiene & personal appearance encouragement! One of my favorite parts – being able to do pedicures for folks what have very neglected nails, & seeing how their feet feel so much improvement & free of discomfort!

A little more…


Baking Scandinavian Cookies – yum!

Favorite Food

Chow Mein – most Asian foods

Favorite Color & Why

Blue – It’s relaxing.