Patrick Charbonneau

Patrick Charbonneau

Specialty: I'm a Jack of ALL Trades

Prior Experience: St. John's - B.A. Music Composition

Music and Fun!

At Sojourn I’m all about fun, fun, fun! I’ve been working here for 6 years and love everything about it!

You can call me the “Jack of all trades” as I do client care, transportation, food service, and musical groups! I love using my talents to create positive experiences for everyone around me! Most notably – I love the conversations with individuals that might be perceived as unable to communicate. They show me how positive this experience is for everyone who comes here. This is a very rewarding experience for me!

A little more…


Child care, music & football!

Favorite Food

Anything that gets cooked for me!

Favorite Color & Why

Blue or red – because I allowed them to be tattooed on me