Victoria Pawlowski

Victoria Pawlowski

Specialty: Caregiver to all & Program Coordinator

Enthusiastic & Vibrant

For the past 5 years, I’ve been working at Sojourn as the Home Health Aide! I’m what Sojourn likes to call the “domestic diva” by serving & providing emergency assistance to community families!

Before coming to Sojourn, I was a homemaker & director of sales and part of the Community Compassion Ministry.

What I love most about Sojourn is our committed staff – whose quality of care and program involvement for all is amazing! It is a privilege and pleasure to serve Sojourn clients and work with our gifted and caring staff. It’s most rewarding to provide dignified care during a client’s most vulnerable moment and receiving back a response of, “Thank you for helping me!”

A little more…


Gardening, yoga, hospitality & making friends!

Favorite Food

Thai food!

Favorite Color & Why

Red, because it encourages fun, eating & celebration!