Writing Rights Things – Patty C.

To heal you need to write. There are many doubts lurking within your mind – Can you do this? Should you do this? Will you do this? The answer is yes. Yes. And yes. You have been given this gift to teach, heal, and bless people. What you write matters. Your writing is an expression of art which flows from the Spirit who continually graces you with inspiration and guidance.

To heal you must write. It is your responsibility, your vocation, your mission in life. Write to teach. Write to inspire. Write to encourage. Write to liberate. Write to soothe. Write to inform. Above all, write to glorify God and all of the beauty and goodness He has so graciously entrusted us with.

The expression of who you are, what you are, and what you have learned and experienced does matter. It matters to you. It matters to our world. It matters to God. Be responsible. Nurture your gift. Honor your gift. Show your gratitude for your gift by using it and sharing it with a world that needs a message of hope, of encouragement, of inspiration, of healing. It takes guts and gumption to venture into the inner recesses of our hearts, our minds, and souls and share our story, our insights, our failures, our regrets, our pains, our frustrations, our joys and disappointments.

You can do this. Will you take that quantum leap of faith, gratefully acknowledging your calling, and begin the healing process for yourself and others by writing? There is no time like the present to open and transcribe the floodgate of ideas that have been endlessly swirling through your mind. Don’t hesitate any longer. Creativity will open your heart to the Spirit. It will define you and your relationship to the world. It will heal the rift between your spiritual stature and your mistake notion that you are flawed.

The more you use your creativity, the more creative you will become. Self-expression is the key to unfolding and defining your true self. When you look within and outwardly express what you feel, what you love and what you value – life gets better, you feel better and our world gets healthier too. Within us houses the ability to heal ourselves and our wounded world. And that medicine is creativity.

I know that you care and you care very deeply for others. So, take yourself seriously. Take your dreams seriously. Take your vocation seriously. Trust that still, small voice within that says you are an artist and that you can write. Because I know that you can and you will. Our world thanks you in advance for your “fiat”.